Why Brazil?


New Mortgage Laws

  1. These laws create a better environment for banks to loan money.
  2. The banks are able to make a safer investment when lending.
  3. In countries without sustainable mortgage products, there is very little domestic demand for property because purchasers are forced to pay in cash for property. This creates low property prices.
  4. By the end of 2009, wide-open mortgage packages were available.
  5. Right now falling interest rates are making mortgages more common.
  6. Due to the availability of mortgages, domestic demand for property is increasing.

New Ownership Laws protect the Buyer

  1. These laws are some of the best in the Americas, designed to make ownership more appealing.
  2. Ownership is far more secure in Brazil than many other popular Latin American destinations.
  3. This creates new international demand.

Easy Access from Europe and North America due to New Infrastructure

  1. The Government is supporting tourism projects all across the coast by increasing the availability or utilities and infrastructure.
  2. Government is financing the renovation of old airports and building new airports to meet the demand.
  3. The government has come to realize that tourism and property is a new form of economic growth.
  4. Currently Brazil is the 4th best infrastructure in the Americas.
  5. Infrastructure and access adds value to property and creates domestic and international demand.

Undervalued Beach Property Compared to the Rest of the Americas

  1. An acre of Beach Property in Florida goes for $10 million.
  2. In the Bahamas, an acre in accessible areas sells for $2 million.
  3. An acre of Beach property in Costa Rica sells for $100,000.
  4. In Brazil, acres bought in quantity are as low as $5,000 to $15,000 or single acres on the ocean for less than $55,000.
  5. This creates international demand and domestic demand.

Brazil has a large domestic population of almost 200 Million people.

  1. This domestic population will embrace credit and mortgages and start buying houses and property.
  2. This will create domestic demand, demand forces property prices to rise.
  3. Costa Rica and Nicaragua have populations of roughly 5 million. These countries’ real estate booms are not homegrown, but due to international speculation. This situation lacks long-term stability. Why buy a half acre on the ocean in Costa Rica for $1 million when you can buy it in Brazil for $35,000.

Currently the 6th Largest Economy in the World, Brazil will be the 5th Largest in 2050 as ranked by Goldman Sachs.

  1. When Brazil reaches its acme in 2050, the beach property prices will be the same anywhere in the world.
  2. It is expected that beach property will continue to increase in value rapidly until 2050.
  3. This economic growth and stability creates international demand. It solidifies Brazil as a great place for real estate investors.

Beautiful Beaches

  1. Brazil is ranked for having some of the best beaches in the world. They feature white sand, warm water, warm climate and beautiful tall palm trees.
  2. Brazil has one of the longest tropical coast lines in the world.

Nature Tourism

This is an excellent nature-tourism region that has received a strong vote of confidence from global hospitality and leisure groups. One group that readily comes to mind is Club Med, with three developments in the region. Brazil is experiencing strong sustained growth in this, and other industries. There is great Real Estate / Tourism investment potential for this large property with 1.6km of coast-line (a wide sandy beach), in a region of great natural, UNESCO-protected beauty.